Westland Printers:        Promotional Brochure

a) A capabilities brochure for a printer offering pre and post-production services; b) The western theme promoted the company's name and served to not only describe, but also exhibit all the services the printer could offer such as, saddle-stitching and bindery.

In every age there are pioneers who explore new territory and prepare the way for others to follow. The first settlers who ventured west faced a daunting task. An untamed, lawless land where each individual struggled to make their mark. At Westland we've made a name for ourselves through commitment to quality control. We stand behind our reputation for skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and pride in our work. In the old days the focus was on doing one job and doing it well. Today, the real pioneers are those who can do it all. That's why we also specialize in binding and finishing methods such as saddle stitching, pocket gluing, and hand assembly.