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a) A direct mail campaign consisting of 3 parts. 1- A teaser postcard directing you to; b) A personal url website with Flash animation; c) A follow-up die-cut mailer; d) The client hoped to get a 1% response. There were over 700 responses in the first week from the teaser postcard alone- over 400 times their expectation.

Printed Teaser: What's missing here? Find out at Your Name. A special retreat awaits.
PURL: Welcome Your Name. RiverCamps on Crooked Creek is a private settlement lightly placed within a large preserve of protected woodlands, marshes, creeks, and savannahs on West Bay in Northwest Florida. Everything at RiverCamps is designed to bring you closer to nature. Come see for yourself. Register to experience RiverCamps and the local area with our Camp Master as your personal guide.