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a) Newspaper ad inserts for a proposed condominium development on an island off the coast of Florida; b) The property is uniquely surrounded by seven different bodies of water. The "hidden" 7s in the visuals represent the concept of a "hidden" retreat because the development can't be seen from the mainland.

Sheltered among the native mangroves off the western coast of Florida, a secluded retreat lies hidden from all but the sharp eyes of the gulls and osprey that hover above. Nestled in the lush, jasmine-scented landscape is an alluring waterfront resort called SevenShores- new luxury residences from the St. Joe Company. From your balcony you can sip your morning coffee and watch the day unfold. Or wander along pathways that weave around a shimmering 27-acre lake as you make your way to the community clubhouse for fitness and social activities. SevenShores awaits your discovery.